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The IST Work Programme

The IST programme defines its strategic objectives in biannual work programmes. These are elaborated by researchers and developers involved in the specific technologies, experts in the fields of research, education, and government, and representatives of the European Commission. During the preparations of the Sixth Framework Programme and the 2003-2004 IST Work Programme the Commission launched a call for expressions of interest to identify research priorities of interest to the research community. The results of this call may be viewed in the expressions of interest database: http://eoi.cordis.lu/search_form.cfm.

The revision of the workprogramme in its second year was made in part on the basis of the closed first and second calls for proposals and includes the third IST call for proposals.

At the same time the preparations of the second IST Work Programme began. The Information Society Directorate of the Commission launched an online consultation process and invited experts to contribute to its development. Certain areas held further public consultations with the research community. The Work Programme covers the period of 2005-2006 and includes two further IST calls for proposals. The Commission has published the reports of the Consultation Processes for each strategic objective. The results of the consultation process were taken into consideration in developing the final version of the 2005-2006 Work Programme.

In 2005 two updates to this Work Programme were published to present the details of the strategic objectives of IST Call 4.1 and IST Call 6.

It is worthwhile to get involved already at the preparatory stage of work programmes, contribute to their development, follow the evolution of their priorities, and build preliminary partner networks and project ideas.

Work Programmes

  • IST 2003-2004 Work Programme (2003 edition): letöltés
  • IST Work Programme - first update (June 2004): letöltés
  • IST 2005-2006. évi munkaprogram letöltés
  • IST Work Programme - third update (October 2005): letöltés
  • IST Work Programme - fourth update (December 2005): letöltés

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