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Archives: Budget

*** Attention! This page contains archived information and documentation. The archives do not include information about the Sixth Framework Programme. Please find all such information under the other menus.

During the period of 1998-2002 the EU allocated a budget of 14 960 million euros for research. This amount includes 13 700 milllion euros for the implementation of the Fifth Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development. 10 843 million euros from the budget of the Framework Programme were allocated to support the research, technological development and demonstration activities of the four specific programmes - LIFE, IST, GROWTH, EESD. With a budget of 3 600 million euros, the IST programme is the largest thematic programme of the Fifth Framework Programme.

The Budget of the Fifth Framework Programme

Direct actions Million euro
(Current Prices)
First Activity:
Research, technological development and demonstration activities
Indicative breakdown by theme (Million euro):
  1. LIFE: Quality of life and management of living resources (2 413)
  2. IST: User-friendly information society (3 600)
  3. GROWTH: Competitive and sustainable growth (2 705)
  4. EESD: Energy, environment and sustainable development
    - Environment and sustainable development (1 083)
    - Energy (1 042)

10 843(*)
Second Activity:
Confirming the international role of Community research

Third Activity:
Promotion of innovation and encouragement of SME participation

Fourth Activity:
Improving human research potential and the socio-economic knowledge base

1 280
Direct actions
Joint Research Centre (JRC) 739
Maximum Overall Amount 13 700
* Of which 10% on average is for SME's

The Budget of the IST Programme

Activity Total
(million euro)
(a) Key actions  
Systems and services for the citizen 646
New methods of work and electronic commerce 547
Multimedia content and tools 564
Essential technologies and infrastructures 1363
Research and technological development activities of a generic nature:
Future and emerging technologies
Support for research infrastructures:
Research networking
Total 3600

(1) Decision No 182/1999/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 December 1998 concerning the fifth framework programme of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities (1998 to 2002);
(2) Council decision of 25 January 1999 adopting a specific programme for research, technological development and demonstration on a user-friendly information society (1998 to 2002)