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From Proposal to Contract

Participation / Partners

The participation of Hungary

Hungarian researchers have been active in EU research since the fourth framework programme, however, as Hungary was considered a third country at the time they had to cover their own costs of participation. Following the signature of association agreements and their entry into force (1 August 1999 for Hungary), legal entities based in a number of Associated States were given the opportunity to participate and obtain financial support in the EU framework programmes under essentially the same rules and conditions as legal entities in EU Member States. This provided an unparalleled opportunity for researchers of Associated Candidate Countries to become actively involved in leading edge research, build new relationships, and strengthen existing partnerships with entities in EU member states. Naturally were able to obtain the necessary financial and partner support, as well as new exploitation opportunities for the realisation of their own project. After EU accession on 1 May 2004 these ties continue to strengthen especially with respect to the European Research Area and the aims of achieving full integration.

Project types, calls for proposals, workprogramme

Support for projects may be obtained via submitting proposals to the IST programme. The priority areas of the calls for proposals are defined in the strategic objectives of the biannual workprogrammes. These are elaborated by researchers and developers involved in the specific technologies, experts in the fields of research, education, and government, and representatives of the European Commission. It is worthwhile to get involved already at the preparatory stage of work programmes, contribute to their development, follow the evolution of their priorities, and build preliminary partner networks and project ideas.

The IST programme issues a number of calls for proposals during its 4 years time span in accordance with the roadmap, also published in its workprogramme. Following the publication of a call , participants have 3 months available for the preparation and submission of their proposals, however, preparations may begin well in advance. Proposals may be submitted by international consortia for the types of instruments called for in the given call for proposals.

Project proposals may be submitted by international consortia of legal entities of which at least one should be based in and EU Member State. For further information see the Rules for participation.

Partner search

Despite the extensive network of professional relations most European researchers have, finding the appropriate partners with the matching research interests and the necessary available capacity for completing a European research project can be a daunting task. However, a wide array of general and specific services are available to aid you in this process. First of all, it is useful to register yourself, your fields of interests, and your research capabilities on the Cordis Partner search service. In addition, you may look through the Expression of Interest database on Cordis, where you may find numerous of project ideas. We recommend registering as an expert as well, for participating in project evaluation, and other evaluation and monitoring exercises. The various units of DG Information Society may organize information days focussed on one or more strategic objectives close to the publication date of the calls, where interested entities may be given the opportunity to present their plans and find appropriate partners. Other partner brokerage and information services also operate in some countries - you may find a list of these in the summary at the bottom of this page. You may also register yourself through the Hungarian IST site, and we will inform you of matching partner requests as well as project brokerage events in the areas of interest you specify. We will also notify you of events related to the strategic objectives of interest to you. In addition, you may contact the national contact points and the IDEAL-IST network introduced below.

The "ideal" consortium

The make-up of a consortium is of strategic importance both in winning the support during evaluation, and in completing the project successfully. Thus the following should be kept in mind.

  • At least one member of the consortium should be an entity established in an EU Member State. It is useful to include a partner with prior EU project participation experience.
  • Select a project co-ordinator skilled in the effective co-ordination of partners working in many different countries and the representation of their interests towards the Commission while adhering to strict rules, as this is a continuous, complex and intensive responsibility.
  • The Evaluation manual emphasizes the importance of resources, partnership and management as a selection criteria, and this includes attention to issues such as conflict resolution.
  • With regard to determining the appropriate number of partners, the decision should be based on the capacity necessary for the completion of the project without overlaps, repetitions and unreasonable costs that are due to the number of partners.
  • The partners and their work should be determined, such that they are complementary to each other.
  • In the case of certain projects the types of partners is also a significant question. For example for certain instruments you should include both users and suppliers of products.
  • In addition, the make-up of the consortium may also be representative of the European dimension of the problem and the project.

The NCP network

The network of national contact points (NCP) has been established throughout the EU and Associated States, as well as in some Third Countries. They can aid you in accessing professional communities in their country, and can recommend partners potentially interested and capable of participating in your project. The national contact points are also available to provide support in all aspects of participating in an EU research project – from writing successful proposals, to managing projects.


The IDEAL-IST project aims at information dissemination and European awareness launch for the IST Programme. You may register your interest through its partner search and brokerage service via the Hungarian IDEAL-IST site.

The Hungarian Liaison offices

In addition, a network of regional and thematic liaison offices operates in Hungary, willing to aid you in finding partners. They are also a valuable resource for support in other issues of participating in the EU Fifth Framework Programme.


The mission of the Hungarian office for Research and Development in Brussels is to facilitate successful participation of Hungary in the Sixth Framework Programme. The office works in close co-operation with the Mission of Hungary to the EU and the sister liaison offices in Brussels.

Summary of available resources


Support and Partner search
Registration on the EU IST Pro site coming soon
Cordis partner service http://partners-service.cordis.lu/
IST – Expression of Interest http://eoi.cordis.lu/search_form.cfm
Ideal-IST http://www.ideal-ist.net
Ideal-IST Hungary http://istok.sztaki.hu/
Hungarian Liaison Offices http://www.nkth.gov.hu/main.php?folderID=435
KOWI / IGLO - partner search service http://www.kowi.de/services/ips/default.htm
IGLO - Informal group of RTD Liaison offices http://www.iglortd.org
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International cooperation http://www.cordis.lu/fp6/inco
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Finance Helpdesk http://www.finance-helpdesk.org
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EU IST Pro Contact information
National Office of Research and Technology http://www.nkth.gov.hu
NCP network http://www.cordis.lu/ist/ncps.htm
Ideal-IST network http://www.ideal-ist.net
Ideal-IST - Hungary http://istok.sztaki.hu/
BME OMIKK http://www.omikk.bme.hu/
Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation http://www.tetalap.hu/
University of Debrecen http://www.unideb.hu/rtd/index.html
IGLO - Informal group of RTD Liaison offices http://www.iglortd.org/
Hungarian Liaison Office Network http://www.nkth.gov.hu/main.php?folderID=435
Hungarian Office for Research and Development in Brussels http://www.iglortd.org/members/HUNOR/iglo-HunOr.htm