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EU IST Pro Team's Network

The EU IST Pro team's mission includes supporting the participation of Hungarian IST researchers in the EU framework programmes, and assisting them in networking and project/partner brokerage activities. As such, EU IST Pro puts much emphasis on maintaining excellent relationships and building strong networks with both Hungarian and EU IST researchers and networks.

National Office of Research and Technology

The EU IST Pro team initiated its services with the support of the National Office of Research and Technology in order to encourage and assist the participation of Hungarian entities in the IST programme of the EU Sixth Framework Programme. The National Office of Research and Technology is responsible for national research policies and programmes in Hungary, which are of significant interest under the Sixth Framework Programme's efforts to build the cooperation and coordination necessary for the realization of the European Research Area.

The NCP network and the ICT Programme Committee

The network of national contact points (NCP) has been established throughout the EU and Associated States, as well as in some Third Countries. They can aid you in reaching research communities in their country, and can recommend partners potentially interested and capable of participating in your project. The national contact points are also available to provide support in all aspects of participating in an EU research project – from writing successful proposals, to managing projects. The Hungarian ICT NCP organisation, EU IST Pro closely collaborates with NCPs around the EU and the national NCP network, as well as the national programme committee members.


InfoPark is the only fully government-owned science/technololgy/knowledge park in Hungary, and as such offers services to support R&D and innovation, and thus contribute to the local, regional, national and Eastern-Central Europe region's economic development. The park offers a concentrated area for the R&D activities of enterprises and fosters links to the Hungarian higher education and research institutes. InfoPark collaborates with EU IST Pro to support successful participation of Hungarian entities in the ICT programme, relay information concerning the programme and its calls for proposals, and itself participates in IST/ICT projects.

National Host of Hungary

EU IST Pro and the National Host of Hungary have initiated the organisation of e-infodays and online conferences for the Seventh Framework Programme. The events, which are broadcast live over the web, offer the opportunity for interested experts throughout the EU to join and actively contribute to the discussions in real time, as well as the option to watch the webcast at a later point in time. The solution encourages cooperation EU-wide and globally, whether it be to discuss research challenges, prepare proposals or even implement projects. The EU IST Pro website will publicize upcoming webcasts, and will also make them available after the event.

IST Projects

Experts of the EU IST Pro team have participated and cooperated closely with directly in a number of IST projects in FP5 and FP6:

  • CISTRANA is a European initiative for the Coordination of IST Research and National Activities.
  • FINANCE-NMS-IST is an SSA project that assists New Member State Organisations with the financial and budgetary aspects of participation in the IST Program. Finance-NMS-IST trains via workshops the financial personnel within SMEs and other organisations, and assists them in interpreting and implementing the financial rules and regulations of FP6 to their benefit.
  • PRO_NMS addresses research organisations, SMEs, IT companies mainly from New Member States (NMS) - Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary and one NIS country - Ukraine - to enlarge their participation in the IST programme focusing on the areas of Micro/nano based sub-systems, Embedded Systems, ICT for Networked Businesses, and Software and Services.
  • IST-Mentor aims to provide training and mentoring to motivated multipliers in New Member States, so that they could become professional IST support organisations in their respective countries based on a network of other multipliers and EU contacts. The EU IST Pro team has built a strong relationship with the Hungarian multipliers throughout the duration of the project and intends to continue cooperation for the years to come. The IST-Mentor project has been followed up by the establishment of the East-West connECtion network


The IDEAL-IST project aims at information dissemination and European awareness launch for the IST Programme. You may register your interest through its partner search and brokerage service via the Hungarian IDEAL-IST site.

IST SSA projects

A number of specific support actions were launched as a result of IST Calls (especially Call 3) to enhance the participation of researchers from Hungary and other New Member States in the IST programme. The EU IST Promotion team is committed to cooperation with these projects:

Hungarian Association of IT Companies (IVSZ)

EU IST Pro cooperates closely with IVSZ to disseminate information concerning IST and to encourage the active involvement of Hungarian IT companies in the activities and projects of the IST programme. IVSZ represents over 300 Hungarian IT companies and is a member of EICTA, the European Information, Communications and Consumer Electronics Technology Industry Association. IVSZ also participates directly in a number of European projects, including IST projects.

The Hungarian Liaison offices

In addition, a network of regional and thematic liaison offices operates in Hungary, willing to aid you in finding partners. They are also a valuable resource for support in other issues of participating in the EU Framework Programmes.


Budapest University of Technology and Economics, National Technical Information Centre and Library (OMIKK): http://www.omikk.bme.hu/

Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation (TÉT)

The Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation tis a member of the Hungarian liaison office network.

University of Debrecen, EU Office